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Old Comments:

2009-06-04 03:46:43
The time is 8:03:22, does that help? Ok, here it is: shortest light = longest shadow = second hand tallest light = shortest shadow = hour hand middle light / shadow = minute hand Time is told by the shadows, not the lights.
2008-08-12 07:48:45
Are you serious? You really don't understand how this clock would work? My!
2008-06-13 19:18:10
This is not a "cool" clock at all. I was having a good time browsing through these pixdaus pictures, smoking on some purple punch with my handy bong, and I see this "cool" picture. First off, it makes no sense, the 3 idiot lamps put there at various locations to cast shadows, each of which have no sense in relation to the actual location of the light source; thus defeating any reasonable semblance to a traditional Sundial. OF COURSE, this is to assume that why any Sundial, or clock that operates on such a principle, would have more than one light source is beyond my comprehension. Maybe it's "cool" because of the texture and shadowing of the picture? If that's true, then whoever votes for this picture is stuck in the early 90's mindset of what a computer "graphic" ought to look like. Yeah, it would have been cool back then, and so was the Reboot. Actually, Reboot was pretty cool. So there you go. Back in 8th grade, 1997, this picture is fucking Cool!@
2008-06-05 09:09:12
Well spotted Just Sayin, even though if the clock was designed by Terry Pratchett the light may be bent by a thaumatalogical field.
2008-06-05 08:51:39
I think this clock is broken... the light for the 'shortest' hand is at the three o'clock position, but the shadow it casts is toward eight o'clock?