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Old Comments:

2009-10-30 09:58:02
Even thought of giving us computer illiterates a course on-line? ;-)
2009-10-29 16:25:19
For those who do not have photoshop, Paint is an excellent tool... ;-) I paint with it all the time, and then mess around with the pics in photoshop, making my own greeting cards etc.
2009-10-29 16:01:56
okie :-)
2009-10-29 15:40:27
Much easier in photoshop, at least for me. ;-) Paint is so limited in other ways also..
2009-10-29 15:08:55
Do you use the 'image - stretch/skew' option or you do it manually?
2009-10-29 14:30:06
I don't find it any easier in Paint, the same number of clicks, even.
2009-10-29 12:42:53
It was a big black I often upload ;-)
2009-10-29 12:10:46
You mean to say it turned black when you resized it or when you used Paint?
2009-10-29 10:45:29
I tried that but when I posted the photo, it was black as night.
2009-10-28 15:31:27
Poppy you can resize them in Paint, is waaaay much easier!
2009-10-28 15:24:53
Interesting info - I could use that knowledge as I have a few photos I'd like to post but they are way too big. Adobe photoshop?
2009-10-28 15:06:52
I found this on a site called, saved it in my pic files and then resized it to 820 width in adobe photoshop. That's what I do with all the oversized pics because I don't like it when a piece is chopped off from the right hand side of the big pics... I no longer post the big ones, I resize them all. A pain in the whichwhat, 'cause it takes time.
2009-10-28 14:52:58
You know how to shrink those photos?!