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Old Comments:

2010-05-30 04:37:26
I got you a genuine Royal Canadian Mounted Police hat at a shop on Vancouver Island. The one on the photo is of an American State Trooper. That will not do....not do at all at all! I keep reading in the newspapers that Brazil is an emerging powerhouse re economy. Do you agree with that? What is Brazil's exports etc? Does it have to do with perhaps 'things' found in the Amazon forest? It's nice to see other countries climbing up for a change ie India, China.
2010-05-29 14:10:10
What did you get for me? ;-) Just kidding, welcome back Connie :-)
2010-05-29 13:12:10
I looove this photo!!! So, you noticed I was gone eh. I went last week to Vancouver Island to visit a friend, then this week to Seattle to replenish my Spring/Summer wardrobe...great sales at Macy's and Nordstrom ;-) Connie aka Rat Patrol and Police