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Old Comments:

2010-04-03 11:11:38
Connie, you're so wacky it's not even funny any more. You said: "I certainly know the difference between a deleted pic and a pic that’s been down voted to -13 or below". If you had known, why email Pixdaus to ask if they have deleted it? You asked: "who has the power to delete photos from individual's own pages?" When a picture is deleted, it gets deleted from ALL sections, including the poster's own files ("latest pics" and "best pics" files), and it does not result in a short page in the poster's "latest pics" file. When a pic is donwvoted to -13, it disappears out of sight everywhere but leaves a short page on the poster's "latest pics" file, i.e. the 'space' for the pic is there but you cannot see the pic unless you know the URL. In the 'new' Pixdaus, the pics will most probably automatically get the posting dates, and if each of us adds the numbers (like I do: 1/10, 2/10, ... depending on the total of the pics posted on each day), then it will be easier to trace an out-of-sight pic by the uploading numbers. I have no 'masters' at Pixdaus (or anywhere else, for that matter) and I don't need to be informed about the simple workings of this site - it takes but seconds to figure out how things work and to notice the different changes as they occur. Stop making up 'stuff' about me - you don't know me at all, and you wouldn't recognize a fact if it stood up and bit you, but you're awfully good at lies, suppositions and assumptions. Pixdaus is NOT my life, for example this year I have been here on 46 days out of the 93 thus far - hardly actions of someone who'd be obsessed by the place. Why can you not ever stay on the subject on hand without reverting to your paranoid blabberings over and over and yet again? I would imagine that the readers know the 'content' of your attacks on me by heart already (and that's assuming they'd bother with such stuff).
2010-04-03 08:11:50
I certainly know the difference “between a deleted pic and a pic that’s been down voted to -13 or below”. I knew a photo 'disappears' after so many down votes; I’ve been on this site long enough. After all, you insist I have been posting on Pixdaus longer than you...and that is a very long time. But, we both know that is one of your many lies. At one time, a photo that ‘disappeared’ from the main page would still remain on the poster’s own file. I had no idea that had changed. I guess your masters at Pixdaus informed you and your cronies. I knew that photo was about to disappear, as when I last looked it was at -11 (the same will happen to this one). I don’t care because I was going to eventually ask Pixdaus to delete them. You say “It's not hard to figure out how things work here”. Well, if Pixdaus is a person's whole life - like it is for you - one would catch on to things easily. I guess a lot of other folks on this site all slow to learn, because they have wondered how the Ranking, Rating and point systems work. But, perhaps, they are busy with other things so cannot spend too much time trying to figure it all out. I’ll leave that up to you Poppy to 'educate' me…and perhaps others. I repeat again - your ‘photos’ have over 98% of popular votes. That's all that counts; this is after all basic Math. So, stick to facts Poppy. It doesn’t matter that some got -13 or more. It’s the end result that counts. It’s in black and white. I have never wailed about the down votes – I state facts. If I was concerned about my upload votes, I would not have posted so many themes etc. I have never played it safe; that’s your style. I certainly have complained about the unjust voting and the cheating. Many folks on Pixdaus get so little votes for really great photos. Some post photos that are not even focused, over-saturated with colour and so on. Yet, the photos are barely uploaded that they start to quickly shoot up. It’s voting for the poster by their cyberspace friends, not the photo itself. Some of those don’t…but they shoot up later when ‘out of site’.
2010-04-03 06:46:28
Connie does not know the difference between a deleted pic and a pic that's been downvoted to -13 or below. The second page (as of now, when connie has posted 3563 pics) of connie's latest pics file has only nine pics, therefore there's one pic that does not show. As the uploading number of this pic is 240755 (part of the URL) and connie posted the 'missing' Chartres pic right after this one, its uploading number would be 240756, hence its URL is . That's the 10th pic on page 2, and it does not show because it has -13 votes. You can see it now that you know the URL. - It's not hard to figure out how things work here. ;-) Before connie starts wailing about the downvotes, see some examples of my pics that were downvoted to numbers well below -13! Quite often, last summer, my entire daily uploads fell victim to megadownvoters and had the biggest negative votes ever seen. - At that time, even the downvoted pics could be seen in the posters’ latest photos files, but that has not been the case for quite a while now.
2010-04-03 04:37:50
Yes, it has disappeared. It has even disappeared from my OWN PAGE. I sent an e-mail to Pixdaus to ask if they deleted it; I never got a response. Beside Pixdaus, who has the power to delete photos from individual's own pages? I'm still hoping to hear from Pixdaus.
2010-04-02 16:51:57
I was looking for your other picture in Chartres. It disappeared ?
2010-04-02 16:46:07
"I prefer to not understand any words of English" : Ok ! Merci ! I've come a long way baby : I did't know it. Probably, in French : J'ai fait un bon bout de chemin.
2010-04-02 11:16:29
You' re funny libellule ;-) Lesson #2: I prefer to not understand any words of English. I couldn't speak, read, write a word of English when I was a kid, and here I am trying to teach English to someone. I've come a long way baby. Do you know that English expression Libellule?
2010-04-02 05:37:40
To-night, to-my-night, I am prefering (to) not understand any/no/none word in English :-(
2010-04-02 04:34:43
Thank you very much minnie cooper. Based on the votes, most don't ;-) Last night was my last 'batch' of posting photos. After the Easter photos, I will/might only post the odd one here and there. I also won't be visiting the site regularly. Take care
2010-04-02 03:47:11
I finally get to see you. I admire your posts.
2010-04-01 13:08:12
Note my comfortable runners....not exactly a fashion statement, but I had some serious walking to do that day. I walked a big part of the Seine - the left and right bank - till I got to the industrial areas.