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Old Comments:

2009-10-10 12:00:22
You have to be a premium user to do that, don't you ? I'm only a registered user... :(
2009-10-10 09:57:42
Well, most of me is there - except at different locations and differed colour intensity. An improvement over just black, don't you think?
2009-10-10 09:50:13
Which piece is you?
2009-10-10 09:47:07
Click on full-size and you'll see bits and pieces of me ;-)
2009-10-10 09:06:56
The picture appears all black to me, Connie. Won't show up at all. I've had a few pictures appear that way to me in this site... :( Wonder what's going on with that ?
2009-10-10 06:14:44
A bold and brave effort; and much appreciated. :)
2009-10-10 06:06:01
Well, I tried. But, you can see pieces of me under full-size ;-)