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Posted By:ademiromano

Old Comments:

2011-01-15 21:52:24
I beg your pardon, I presumed that the concorde wasn't interesting and that no one had uploaded this pix [so I didn't control]. But the assumption is the mother of all errors...
2011-01-15 21:49:55
you are in bad faith and you know it
2011-01-15 15:31:37
Your welcome PictureGirl.
2011-01-15 15:30:32
Apriori, the poster "formerly known as connie", once said that ademir did indeed take his most interesting and excellent photos from other posters on pixdaus. And another thing the poster formerly known as connie use to say was...shut up patito. ;-) This rightous person, is either some connie wanna be, (can't imagine why) or it is our dear departed connie come back to haunt us.
2011-01-15 15:28:30
Thankyou for explaining that, 'thanks connie'. No harm done. Actually, my previous comment also went to the wrong place. Pixdaus needs to fix this problem with where the comments finally end up.
2011-01-15 15:17:30
My comment went to the wrong place before. I know you are not connie, PictureGirl.
2011-01-15 14:41:25
First, I am not Patito. Second, your statement that all of Ademir's photos are taken from other poster's files is so obviously and outrageously untrue that you have lost any shred of credibility you might have had. Third, it is clear that you are nothing but a troll whose sole purpose here is to cause trouble. Fourth, you are NOT righteous. You are a contemptible liar.
2011-01-15 13:59:52 happened .
2011-01-15 13:23:40
I am not Connie. I am PictureGirl. I do not answer or post photos under any other username, only this one.
2011-01-15 12:22:22
shit happens
2011-01-15 12:21:07
all his excellent and interesting photos are taken from other posters' files on pixdaus, so shut up patito
2011-01-15 12:18:42
As stated before by Tineye, Pixdaus scrambled all the links but they can't delete the pictures on Tineye so the proof still remains that this picture was posted many times. Simple hmmmm
2011-01-15 12:04:41
Thanks again, connie.
2011-01-15 12:04:07
Thanks for clearing that up connie.
2011-01-15 11:55:50
No Shit ! You duplicate gestapo schmucks need to get a freakin life . Quit blubbering about reposts and upload some photos.
2011-01-15 10:55:15
Regardless of what Tineye says a search of the Pixdaus archives under 'concorde' yields only two results: this one and one posted formerly by Connie. Adamir may sometimes display a certain rather cavalier or less than fastiduious attitude toward the usual norms of posting, but he more than makes up for any transgressions by bringing us many very excellent and interesting photos.
2011-01-15 10:03:24
As stated before, those 14 times that Tineye says that this picture has been posted to Pixdaus, do not feature this picture in their 14 links. They direct you to different photos besides the right photo....
2011-01-15 09:57:13
14 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011-01-15 07:51:11 shows picture posted 14 times on pixdaus, and a search on pixdaus shows connie posted it