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Old Comments:

2011-03-20 12:32:20
The so-called desperate freedom fighters could be Al Qaeda or gansters one knows. The original protesters, mostly students, are not the ones fighting there. I saw on the News that Mengazi (spelling?) was attacked by Gadhafi's forces after they announced a cease fire. BUT, some suspect that the reporters from around the world there were given an older tape of a previous attack. Things are not always what they seem - it's never black or white in the Middle East Arab world. The West should not be involved; it's the forces of Arab countries that should deal with Gadhafi. The West could be creating another Iraq, Afghanistan etc situation.
2011-03-20 10:55:54
There was an emergency meeting between the UK, France and some Arab leaders as soon as the UN mandated the action. The West wanted to make sure that no Arab countries would accuse them of attacking muslims and invading their countries. There is full accord between the West and the Arab leaders, yet not one Arab air force is taking part. They are afraid that their people will turn against them...since they are also dictators (Saudi Arabia etc) So, the West will be the bad guys again.
2011-03-20 10:32:11
The UN-mandated chess play has started - fired first by France, followed by the UK and the US
2011-03-20 09:31:51
It's an MQ-1 drone, an un-manned aircraft that can be used for both surveillance and as a launch platform for Hellfire air-to-ground missles. And FF is probably correct in assuming these have been in place over Lybia for some time.
2011-03-20 01:53:19
Thank you, Frequent Flyer, lets just hope it is not too late - and that the politicians really do allow the military to finally send the help these desperate freedom fighters have been begging for! Interesting craft here - what is it?