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Old Comments:

2010-03-25 07:52:28
Just as long as you, the woman and others were not hurt, that was the main thing. You can always replace glass and anything like that, but not lives....
2010-03-24 23:37:55
O no, don't worry about me. I never heart myself. I'm just afraid that I don't break a half of tram. As a matter fact, I did that , of course not deliberately! A driver had to break really hard because of some car and I have to hold some woman next to me or she would fall. Of course I swing with her and hit with my right shoulder at the window. Whole window fall at the street , there were glass all over... No one was hurt but the damage was considerable.
2010-03-24 23:04:58
Oh dear, that doesn't sound too good with the tram, Peasant. I hope you didn't hurt yourself too badly when you did that...
2010-03-24 22:44:17
Could be staged. I'm not sure. This movie reminded on few of my "nothing happened" moments. I usually hit with head when I try to get out from the tram in a hurry. I'm not a midget and above door is some tin box and when I hit that I have a feeling that whole city heard it. There is always a laud bang and a silent giggle of the other passengers.
2010-03-24 21:48:50
On closer look at this, I'm thinking that he bent down on purpose to fall and as he was 'falling', came down the steps in a cartwheel. That's what it looks like to me. I think his whole 'fall' was staged.
2010-03-24 21:31:32
I like the limbo at the end, but he cheated and used his hands. ;-)
2010-03-24 21:29:31
Yes, I saw that too and thought that was soooo funny... :) I'm glad for him that he was ok after that fall...
2010-03-24 21:23:06
I think it was accidental, funny thing is how he get up and start to walk like nothing happened... :)
2010-03-24 21:14:05
I'm trying to work out if the man fell down the stairs on purpose, or if it was accidental. The video clip runs too fast to work this out... :(