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Old Comments:

2008-12-09 05:43:33
I am glad we are in agreement Patito. There is such tenderness and pure love expressed in the image. Michelangelo would have made a great marble of it.
2008-12-09 03:33:28
Thank you Patito for retrieving the photo. It tells a beautiful story of the love between and mother and child, and I wanted to share it with others on Pixdaus. You can't rationalize why they do this because their are not rational beings. I guess they are gunning for me too...again. I wish there was no voting system, just people sharing photos and thoughts with others.
2008-12-09 00:30:56 is a beautiful picture, Pops...and yet some DUMBASS sent it to the banned section because..???? because he's a dumbass, I suppose..or maybe he/she/it never had a mother? Or never had a child? Or never was a child ? Jesus Jumpin' Christ on a Goddamn Pogo Stick !!! What in the pluperfect hell is WRONG with you people ???
2008-12-08 16:13:07
What a beautiful picture. Would make a great sculpture in white Thassos marble.