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Old Comments:

2008-11-22 10:05:44
Well...I cried =[ The look in that man's face is heart breaking.
2008-11-14 12:28:35
that cat looks exactly like my cat!!! down to the look of indignation and everything...
2008-10-22 06:54:49
Stunning, powerful. So much emotion in that man's face. the serenity in the cat....fantastic photo!!
2008-10-22 00:50:41
This is the most expressive photo i have seen in months. The way the old man carefully holds the cat, like it is something precious, is so touching.. Just wonderful!
2008-09-03 04:02:52
kate you evidently don't know cats. if you know cats, you'd know this cat has a very peaceful expression. this photo is heartbreaking.
2008-09-03 02:42:22
"Hello? Hello? Is this the cat planet hotline?" Seriously, though...animals are being used for therapy in senior centers all over the world. My boss's wife actually works with "Eden Centers" which utilizes animals for therapy. I used to not care very much for cats, but we have one who adopted us and I've grown quite fond of him.
2008-09-02 06:40:45
The above post is a leftover from the troll, I'm afraid... I think the guy in this pic looks like Martin Landau.
2008-09-01 23:21:45
2008-08-31 03:45:46
Haaw...hawww... he's got with face in the pussy!
2008-08-30 22:03:36
Me down the road in time. Thanks.
2008-08-30 21:44:24
every now and then a picture really speaks to your heart. This is definitely one of them. and I think we all can relate to this feeling.
2008-08-30 17:30:30
Uilleam: Thank you for posting this beautiful picture!
2008-08-30 16:58:29
2008-08-30 16:35:30
"let me down now or I will claw your eyes out"
2008-08-30 09:32:56
Wonderful photo..A+...thanks!