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2009-05-15 21:57:39
Christopher Columbus could discover America just because he was single! That Christopher Columbus had a wife, he would hear the following -And why must you go? -Why do not send someone else? what are you, the biggest Mazlum? -Everything is for you round! Are you crazy or stupid? -You do not even know my family and you go to discover the new world! -What do you hide? You do not even know where are you going -And what, only men will go to travel? Why? -And why can not I go and if you're the boss? -You never take me to travel. - Unfortunate, you do not know what more to make up that you were not at home? -If you go trough that door I'll go to my mother! -Hussy! - And who is this Mary? What she wants? Say girl ... Well eat shit ... Pedofil! - Everything you plan, you monkey! You're in agreement with those Indian prostitutes. - You can not deceive me! What?, Queen will sell her jewelry so that you traveled? What do you think that I am stupid? What is between you and the old? I do not give you to go anywhere! You always invent something so you could leave me! Nothing will happen if the world continues to be flat! Don't you dress because you ... DO NOT GO!! :)