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Old Comments:

2010-08-17 04:00:54
Got it from your collection ;-)
2010-08-17 03:59:24
Wrong comment of yours 'get it right' - I wrote the same thing below both photos and the one under this one has disappeared and I have no idea why! Plus, I´m not the only one who has been complaining about innocent comments getting deleted, so much for freedom of expression ;-)
2010-08-15 22:40:08
Oooops ! Looks like JuJu's been hittin' the old sauce again, huh ?
2010-08-15 18:30:40
Wrong picture, jujuba. You wrote your comment “Collin Bogle´s wildlife paintings are so vivid, looks like photography :-) Nice find!” under White Eagle’s wolf picture by Collin Bogle.
2010-08-15 15:42:31
May I know why my comment saying that this is actually an excellent, amazingly vivid wildlife illustration (which is what this artist does) was deleted???? Strange...
2010-08-11 18:29:47
Excellent tiger photo, White Eagle!