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Old Comments:

2012-07-04 15:11:04
This is photoshop. Explained by the author: Who would build anything on a cascade? XD What about the noise and... oh, yes, all that water falling?
2010-10-06 17:21:17
Wowww! Viva Photoshop!
2010-04-11 02:54:56
Google Street View:
2010-04-11 01:51:41
Wow. Just imagine the kind of fences Cornell would be putting up if this were on its campus. They would have relocated the whole building by now!
2010-04-11 01:50:20
Arklenao2. More. Than. Starship. Lemon. Car
2010-04-10 23:28:47
Wow that is truly amazing. Lou
2009-03-11 08:30:00
The place actually exists, but it's not located next to a waterfall.
2008-08-30 03:46:48
Please, actually look up place. It's real... God why can't people just take something for what it is. Without screaming Photoshop... It's real.
2008-08-24 06:15:59
It's actually located nowhere near water.
2008-08-19 07:45:05
it's in quebec, canada,
2008-08-13 22:27:26
It is art, not a real place.
2008-04-16 10:41:55
It's Kazakhstan!