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Old Comments:

2010-05-22 23:16:56
And I do too. Most of your pictures are great.
2010-05-22 17:08:39
You are very welcome, Canna Hou. I enjoy the photos you post, very much... :)
2010-05-22 16:59:43
Thank you so much for your appreciation. Your photos always attract my attention. Most of them are beautiful.
2010-05-22 16:53:28
Thank you for your nice comment. Most of photos you post were attracted by me so much.
2010-05-22 00:03:15
I agree with you, Coy. This is a really beautiful photo and bird too... :)
2010-05-22 00:01:08
Pretty Bird, and with great color. I have not seen this bird before. Good posting Canna Hou.