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Old Comments:

2010-07-02 00:12:04
I just got back from the beach. I only live ten blocks away so I go there almost every day. Sometimes I walk, sometimes I drive, sometimes I ride my bike. Sometimes I put my bike in the back of my pickup, drive down to the beach and park and ride along the Seawall. Depends on the weather. There's a large storm a few hundred miles to the south of us right now, so this morning the wind is up and there's a big surf running. I can hear it from my front porch. And let me just say how much I appreciate your kind, thoughful and helpful suggestions and attempts to help me improve the quality of my life. It's nothing short of a miracle that I've managed to survive, prosper and enjoy life in this world for almost seventy years without your guidance and wise counsel. Just been lucky, I guess.
2010-07-01 23:34:09
ZZzzzzzzzziiiip ! "Patito is down at the beach..." Yeah! but he wrote comments from there: LOL! freak, dipshit life, 24h, you know what I mean! :-P Do us and yourself a favour and go to that beach!
2010-07-01 21:48:29
ZZzzzzzzzziiiip !! Pow ! Another Bulls Eye !
2010-07-01 21:24:35
"Patito is down at the beach..." Muahaha! you little loser sit 24 h a day in front of and create your own world here! you are a pitiable freak with a dipshit life! don't WRITE that you are down at the beach, DO IT!
2010-07-01 21:12:06
Wheeeeeee.....! Bulls Eye ! : P
2010-07-01 21:09:29
...and all other Pixdaus user asked me to tell you that you are entirely NOT welcome, that you are the most annoying self-righteous asshole ever and that we are all tired up by your substandard spam pics and self-voting you rotten son of a filthy whore! Have a good day ! : )
2010-07-01 20:52:47
Patito is down at the beach hoping to snag a big bull redfish out of the surf, but he asked me to tell you that you are entirely welcome. One of the things that fills him with the greatest joy is the knowledge that he is able to piss off narrow-minded, creatively constipated, bourgeois foto fascists like you. Have a good day ! : )
2010-07-01 19:26:25
patito, are you happy now after upvoting your shit with 20 votes again? this dumb "coffee" crap was downvoted by a lot of people but only YOU push it again and again! thanks for manipulating the voting system (again and again), thanks for reducing the standard of Pixdaus with your spam and thanks that YOU lead Pixdaus into a complete vacuity! thanks asshole!
2010-06-29 13:31:38
Well now ademir, I did do a search under 'coffee time'. Nothing showed up. So, super sleuth Connie asked herself why. So, she searched under the link you provided. Lo and behold Patito's upload appeared...and it has -16. Mystery solved...that low a vote does not show up under search. So, technically it's not Patito's fault he reposted his own upload. Anyways, I did say his brain was a bit mushy - did I not?
2010-06-29 06:41:33
Mr Patitoooo! repost, you know it..: