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Old Comments:

2009-05-24 06:40:01
Yup. I changed the format to jpg. Come to think of it.. that might be the reason I couldn't upload anything last night (size)..
2009-05-24 06:37:38
Nah I can't see it. I just recently started saying "Ta Da!" on all of the all black pics. I was just being a smart alec. Have you met Connie? She had the all black upload market cornered for some time. When you search around some you some other all black pics and they usually have "connie pic" in the tag. Somebody will surely add it to yours. It's only a matter of time. By the way. What did you different the second time you uploaded and had it work? Did you change the pics format from .png to .jpg or reduce it's size?
2009-05-24 06:20:52
Can you see it? I still can't.. in either case, I've uploaded it again.
2009-05-24 06:17:20
Ta Da!
2009-05-24 06:09:14
Pixdaus fail. That isn't supposed to be black >_>