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Old Comments:

2008-08-14 11:26:30
Nope. The steps are in the reflection, quite high. The two posts are visible at the top of the steps, along with 4(4) more. The photographer must be at the other end of the parking lot, which is not nearly as far away as it looks, with a long lens.
2008-05-28 10:00:05
you know a lot a...sundew! heh heh you said "it would stand to reason"...nothing wrong, just made me chuckle.
2008-05-27 23:17:26
Thanks for explaining the vampire, Jack! The Bean is HUGE: 66 feet long, 33 feet high and weighs 110 tons. The curvature on the Bean appears to act so that the far view gains distance (I doubt the Plaza is THAT big), so it would stand to reason the near view does the opposite (see the steps, they are not reflected on the Bean), thus the photographer would not necessarily be reflected, either. But what do I know?
2008-05-27 19:18:55
He's saying that photographer is not visible.
2008-05-27 15:34:20
...huh? I usually understand you but now I'm lost.
2008-05-27 11:27:17
Photographed by a vampire, apparently...
2008-05-27 07:32:29
Incredible sculpture!