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Old Comments:

2011-11-28 03:45:38
Iridescent Sky by Robert Koch This very cool shot was captured in Southern California, not far from Vandenburg Air Force Base. A Minotaur rocket had launched just about an hour before the photo was taken, leaving behind a very photogenic plume of smoke. The contrail shows amazing rainbow-colored flashes picked up from the setting sun, even though it was captured at night. This usually happens when clouds are high in the upper atmosphere; they reflect sunlight while the lower clouds appear dark, resulting in a lustrous iridescent sky.
2008-10-08 12:22:08
Hi informer. So, you also know about that site. They have awesome photos of clouds. It says where the photo was taken,type of cloud, optical effects... I learned a lot about clouds, optical effects and phenomenas from them. I got so carried away I downloaded about 60.
2008-10-08 00:57:51
This is technically a chemical trail, but it is created from the byproduct of missile exhaust mixing with high atmospheric conditions (including sub-freezing temperatures) which cause the beautiful refractions you see. I grew up in "the OC" and one could see these remnants from launches at Vandenberg AFB all the time (~170 miles/270 KM away).
2008-10-07 10:37:15 that one !
2008-10-07 08:42:35
It's a mixture of either Iridescence or Nacreous clouds. But, I think you're right in that there is also missile or jet contrails. A busy little sky.
2008-10-07 07:25:27
missle or jet contrail?
2008-10-07 00:31:17
Iridescence clouds