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2011-07-05 11:12:09
Appreciate the information . . . Thank You !
2011-07-05 08:27:13
Maleos, (Macrocephalus male) are chicken-sized birds with black helmet-like foreheads, number from 5,000 to 10,000 in the wild and can only be found on Sulawesi island, Indonesia. They rely on sun-baked sands or volcanically heated soil to incubate their eggs. This is the only species of bird that is able to fly immediately after hatching from eggs buried beneath the tropical sand. Environmental groups paid $12,500 for beach-front property on remote Sulawesi, one of Indonesia's 17,000 islands, to help preserve the threatened species. It is said, however, that villagers often dig up the eggs and harvest them for food. So this protection is of great benefit to the birds whose population has been decreasing quite steadily. The maleo, which has a blackish back, a pink stomach, yellow facial skin, a red-orange beak, lays gigantic eggs that are then buried in the sand or soil. The chicks hatch and climb from the ground able to fly and fend for themselves.