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Old Comments:

2010-09-08 00:04:21
Every court needs a fool, every circus needs a clown, and every village needs an idiot. Here at Pixdaus we have people like 'Patito is Lascaux' to fill those roles, so our little society is complete and well-rounded.
2010-09-07 23:31:15
Mis-spelling 'matter' as 'metter' is simply a typo, as the word was spelled correctly twice earlier in the comment. But using 'your' when 'you're' is correct is simply ignorance. It's obvious to everyone that you're ( not your ) simply a nasty and semi-literate troll with a viscious mentality. Why don't you just shut up !
2010-09-07 23:23:50
Well said, Dingbat and Who Knows. I've been posting here for over a year. I've used at least a dozen names and I don't believe that's unusual. This site is about photos, not about individuals or personalities. If someone is posting decent pics, then as far as who that person is, as Rhett Butler said to Scarlet," Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn !"
2010-09-07 17:07:28
So the great patito who presumes to give others spelling lessons cannot himself properly spell matter (spelling it metter instead). Way to go patito. Now you can show us your real talent, that you deny having, and vote down this comment.
2010-09-07 12:53:10
I agree..but it stops being fun when one user begins accusing and slandering and defaming another user's character based on nothing more than a hunch or suspicion.
2010-09-07 12:47:56
I think it's sort of fun to try to figure out who's making what comment using another name.
2010-09-07 02:42:26
we're all somebody else in real life. my name's not dingbat and i don't even act like one. too much energy is fruitlessly spent in figuring out the various identities behind our nicks. give up already. post pics and shut up. please.
2010-09-06 23:33:14
Whether or not Lascaux is Patito is unknown to anyone other tham Lascaux and Patito. Whether or not Connie is 'dense' is a metter of opinion. Whether or not 'Patito is Lascaux' is too ignorant to know the difference between 'your' and 'you're' is obvious to everyone and a matter of record.
2010-09-06 18:41:41
Dear Connie, Damn your certainly dense. You must realize that 90% of the 'so called' troll names here are ones used by your dear friend patito who must think he is fooling somebody. I cannot say whether 'patitoisaliar' has ever used another name or not. As for myself, 'patito is Lascaux' is the only name I have used (for comments) and is a statement of facts. I have used another name to post photos. Troll comments that patito was Connie, Skip, Jack Sparrow or Poppy are pretty much ludicrous and, in my opinion, attributed to patito himself. If you doubt if Lascaux and patito are one and the same, then just examine the Lascaux homepage. Look at all of the photos that have been posted, and none of them go back very far. The style simply says 'patito' all over it. If there are new users here that are wondering how to access the Lascaux home page -- this is what you do, just click on Lascaux's name alongside one of his photos, or anywhere it is shown in green. You will be taken directly there. You can see all of his uploads, unless they have been voted down to -13. It is also interesting that Lascaux has no favourites.
2010-09-06 18:12:43
More than one troll wrote that Patito was, yes, 'someone' suspects or 'thinks' that Connie and Patito are one of the same. Comments by trolls were also made saying that Patito is Skip, Jack Sparrow, Poppy etc etc etc... You're the one who continuously make comments using various troll names ie 'patitoisaliar' and 'patito is Lascaux' being just two of them.
2010-09-06 16:08:36
What a crock of bullshit patito, everybody knows that you and Lascaux are one and the same. No one suspects that you are Connie, Poppy, Skip, Jack Sparrow, Jchip8 or Coy and only one has ever accused you of being Peasant. So, you are including these names just as subterfuge. However, you could well be all of the others and you are absolutely Lascaux. So instead of all of that ineffective verbage above, either just admit it or keep your mouth shut.
2010-09-05 21:40:28
Every so often some fool 'assumes' that Patito is some other person. It's been 'assumed' that Patito is, among others, Connie, Poppy, Skip, Peasant, Jack Sparrow, Savannah, Exeter, Andover, Arlington, Andouille, Vakencia, Cavradossi, Cumulo Nimbus, Matt Gloss, Goat Getter, Jchip8, and Coy. And that's just the most recent short list. I am, however, honored by most of these assumptions, since most of the persons I've been assumed to be post excellent photos for which I would be proud to be responsible, and that is certainly true of Lascaux., Patito is not Lascaux, but thank you just the same for the honor of association. To Lascaux...I regret that this has happened. If it is assumed by the trolls that you are Patito your photos will be attacked and downvoted regardless of merit or quality.
2010-09-05 17:49:29
I am making an assumption Lascaux and that is that you and patito are in fact the same individuals. Is that correct?
2010-09-05 11:44:52
the leader: "no coughing or sneezing!"