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Old Comments:

2009-01-06 15:54:42
@lilly: it's easy to find out who is the real OK when you just click on the name... "when people thought you were hater"... oh dear. I told you once and I tell you now: when two people have the same opinion they are not necessarily the same person, got it? You are far more stupid than I thought... @poppy: sad to hear that you surrender! If you like to bury your head in the sand, it's your choice. I won't! Our lovely farhad had push up 70 old pics in the popular-section in only one hour! Any questions about this?
2009-01-06 11:32:43
THIS IS THE OLD LILLY I KNOW! ok: You have carried on your campaign this far, and where has it got you? NOWHERE. There is NOTHING any of us here can do to change someone else's behaviour. The only behaviour you can change is your own. I fought the war against artemis and nothing changed, she still votes her pics up, perhaps not quite so blatantly the same day, but the next day they are WAY UP THERE and past everybody else's again. Chill out, man.
2009-01-06 08:07:09
Question for you ok ? Are you the first ok , back when people thought you were hater ? Because now their are two ok's... second... I really don't CARE about the voting system...who gets what etc... like I said theirs no prize at the end of the tunnel .You want to spend your time being an ignorant nag , thats up to you . I don't CARE...Your Tiring and Boring...have a nice life...I hope You find something worth while to fill it with !!!
2009-01-05 17:42:20
Oh lilly... But you ask yourself the same questions before: "farhard ...ok is one gets 4,000 votes over night..."!!! You really think that it is OK when farhad push himself up with votes? (We need no voting-system then!) Why don't you ask him to go on vacation? It's OK when the next user start to cheat like he did? You are worry about I'll "start rideing your ass next". You should worry about that more users behave like farhad! farhad is not the victim!!! farhad is the delinquent!! Don't forget it!
2009-01-05 10:02:06
LIKE I SAID YOUR GETTING FUCK'IN OLD ...Do somthing else with your time ...Maybe you'll start rideing my ass next . Get over your farhad what point's aren't worth any ...NO....fame...NO.... WHO CARES....NOBODY CARES...SOOOOO WHAT...STFU would you please....Go on vacation...
2009-01-05 08:56:32
How can you vote for yourself ??? No one can vote for their own file !This is old..leave farhad alone...and upload so great photos...
2009-01-05 01:52:37
OK, what is the problem you have with Farhad over the photo? Enlighten us all please!