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Old Comments:

2008-11-08 01:20:35
She is typical Russian
2008-06-06 16:29:48
how can such a beautifull woman be a cliche...
2008-05-30 06:54:00
I totally understand what your saying poppy, an it's so easy to be misunderstood on the internet especially since it's not a live chat.It was nice that Patito apologized for the putdown off russian women, and I also agreed with him because I saw Korbens remark about american women not looking like we all got a little sensitive. but the bottom line to me is that there are beautiful women everywhere, and some are beautiful inside too!!
2008-05-30 05:19:14
It appears that I did not explain myself clearly enough on this point: I did NOT mean that the Smut Artists were on THIS page. Skip did not like the "where is she from" -game, but I preferred it to the Smut Artists' sleaze displayed on some other pages. I only reacted to the bulldog & tractor comment; Patito has now apologized, so that ends it for me.
2008-05-30 02:50:18
All right, Patito, now I'm all poppyfied, registered and ligit, so perhaps I can now keep this name. At the time of writing this, I have 130 negative votes on this page for not liking a disparaging comment. Go figure. I’m not whining; neither my ego nor my self-esteem is in any way diminished by what strangers may think of me. Apology accepted. Peace; Magritte has a pipe near here somewhere.(anne, sundew, sundew2, 3 & 4, dew)
2008-05-30 02:11:08
Sorry, Miss Anne...didn't mean to offend anyone's sensibilities...was really just trying to gig ol' Korben D. for his remark a few photos ago implying that women in the US don't look like women...I'm sure Russian women are distributed along the same curve as women in most of the world..some are drop-dead gorgeous, a few have faces only a mother could love, and most are somewhere in between..just like here in the US of A...Peace
2008-05-29 23:25:24
I am certain I am not the only one who is offended by derogatory comments about women (or men, for that matter), specific to their looks. I have laughed out loud many times at your humour, but in this case, at least, it misfired. Or do you seriously think that the lovely lady would laugh if you called her bulldog & tractor?
2008-05-29 22:56:59
My daughter owns a bull dog and I own a tractor...the dog's name is Vlasta and the tractor's name is Sasha..just kidding...too many of you people don't know how to take a joke...
2008-05-29 22:44:48
LOL. Finally, a lighter note to the page. But that would make him...what...2½?
2008-05-29 22:35:00
I never said that "she has to be from ", at least originally. I said that she has "very typical looks of a Russian girl". She could be from Madagaskar for what I care. Still won't change what I said.
2008-05-29 22:31:40
Well, it is quote possible that the girl in this particular picture looks like a "bulldog & tractor" to him. Meaning that he probably has no idea what a bulldor or tractor is.
2008-05-29 20:56:33
...NOW you make sense, but what about your bulldog & tractor analogy when you referred to Russian girls? That was totally uncalled for.
2008-05-29 20:19:49
Here's the deal, KB...the US is full of folks from all over the world..there may well be a "Russian type" but there is no "US type" because we have all types...there are girls who look like this in almost every American high school ...You like 'em light, or you like 'em dark, we got 'em, Buddy, and everything in between..
2008-05-29 19:38:32
...I almost agree with you, Skip, on the 'Where is she from' issue, but that guessing game is innocuous compared with the Sleeze Squad or Smut Artists entering the page and doing what they do....
2008-05-29 16:59:13
What he said was rude, but I think it's also rude to say she has to be from russia. I have a friend who looks almost just like her and she is american/english. But a better point I'd like to make is how the hell do you know where somebody's from by lookin at their picture? and who cares!!
2008-05-29 16:43:09
Go to Russia, and you'll soon change your mind! Come ON, Patito! You write your resume on Pixdaus so that we would all know how highly educated you are, but then you display your coarseness by making comments such as the one above about Russian women; I have been to Russia, and bulldogs and tractors were not the first words that sprang to mind! It is NOT funny to engage in such disparaging comments!
2008-05-29 14:52:07
BTW, you probably still didn't get the simple fact that the overwhelming majority of pictures of women posted here, on Pixdays, are pictures of women from the former-USSR countries :)
2008-05-29 14:49:53
LOL. No, of course. This girl cannot be anywhere from the "Western world". It is pretty obvious that she's quintessentially "white". No spanish, german or southern blood involved, which essentially eliminates Western Europe. Brithish, American or Canadian? LOL! Only a small chance of being Scandinavian, but very unlikely. This girl is most likely Russian or Belorussian. With a chance of being Ukrainian, Polish, Czech or Slovakian. Eastern Europe - absolutely guaranteed, and the precise country doesn't matter. Anyway, the point is not what nationality this girl is, but that it looks typically Russian/Belorussian. This is, once again, exactly how typical Russian girld look.
2008-05-29 12:08:03
Jerk talked.
2008-05-29 12:03:17
Aw come on, man..this girl could be from anywhere in the Western World..she could be French, British or Canadian...she could be from Texas or California or Iowa...I;ve seen plenty of photos of Russian women, and most of 'em look like a cross between a bull dog and a tractor..
2008-05-29 11:51:40
Probably the most typical example of how Russian girls look.
2008-05-28 22:22:57
Unfair ! your models are too beautiful !
2008-05-28 01:21:56
you know I don't mind reposts so much, but when their just a few days apart.. pretty girl anyway