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Old Comments:

2008-04-25 07:20:48
Ohhh, thanks, now I get it
2008-04-23 22:48:08
They're making salt... flood a flat place with brine, let the water evaporate, and there you have it ! Of course, it could be the Bogata Central Cocaine Plant...
2008-04-23 20:09:16
Haha, funny Feenage Tanclub, but I still don't get why you salt a field
2008-04-23 17:26:21
Because sugaring a field is just plain wrong.
2008-04-23 11:58:20
why would anyone salt a field
2008-04-23 08:40:58
salt it is.
2008-04-23 05:54:56
2008-04-23 05:38:35
Actually, it's salt
2008-04-23 04:33:40
That's what I was thinking
2008-04-23 02:42:23
Who clears snow to plant crops? Isn't it a salt pan.