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Old Comments:

2009-11-06 12:56:36
Uhhh.....did nobody notice I screwed up on the guy's dates, or are ya'll just bein' polite and cuttin' me some slack on account of I'm an old half-blind geezer ? Correction : Levi-Strauss died in 2009, not 1909 as it says in the caption.
2009-11-06 11:32:22
It's Delacroix...not Delacriox ;-)
2009-11-05 23:30:31
Good Grief ! That joke must be a hundred years old. If you insist on relating these irrelevant "stories" can't you at least come up with some original material? Or are you merely another third-rate hack ?
2009-11-05 21:11:57
Hi P & P The Angel Atop The Tree Tradition One Christmas, Santa was having a really bad day. The local elves union was up in arms over their contract and were threatening a walk-out. Mrs. Clause was pissed that Santa was never around to appreciate all of the hard work she had been doing around the house. Santa decided he needed to go home, sit in front of a fire and relax. When he got there, Miss Clause was all up in his face and wouldn't let down. Then, there was a knock on the door. It was Rudolph. He said the reindeer were sick and tired of Santa not upgrading to the new lightweight sliegh and they were joining the elves walkout. Santa slammed the door and threatend "The next person who knocks on that door is gonna get it!" At that time, there was a knock on the door. Santa flung the door open and there stood a tiny little angel. The angel had been searching for the perfect Christmas tree for Santa's house all day long, until it found the perfect one. The little angel asked, "Santa, I was wondering where you would like me to stick this tree?" And that is the story of how the angel atop the tree tradition began.
2009-11-05 11:55:04
idiot troll : ignore him patito and poppy: moron cant even spell ass .
2009-11-05 11:22:11
What? says who? couple of S kissers, keep flooding the site with your stupid load of bovine droppings
2009-11-05 07:31:25
Well,thank you Ms P...that may be the nicest thing anybody's said to me since l loaned my brother-in-law my new car and two hundred dollars so he could get married....( and it did get him out of my house )
2009-11-05 05:47:03
Wake up, people! Get off the fence! Take a stand! Stop waffling! Take notice! Observe! DO something!
2009-11-05 04:14:48
Thank you hugely, Patito. There was an obvious gap in my education because (to my everlasting shame) I had never even heard of Claude LÚvi-Strauss. I shall have to do some fast study to catch up... Our trolls are going to love the following and have a field day with it, but elf 'em, I say. You are not only the most knowledgeable and versatile commentator that we have here on Pixdaus but you're also the funniest; You're the best and the most original storyteller... As to posting your pics: You post what you like, as opposed to posting pics that are the 'vogue' or or 'popular' or any other darn nondescript useless thing... For all of us: I am calling for honesty here on Pixdaus. Call a spade a spade. Tell us how it is. Don't beat around the bush. Downvote trolls and duplicators and cheaters. Let's bring troubles into the open and discuss them. Off the soapbox. Thank you.