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Old Comments:

2009-06-10 07:18:24
I always try to stay at the Gage in Marathon, the Paisano in Marfa or the Limpia in Ft. Davis. Someone told me that the White Buffalo head in the bar is the one that was in the White Buffalo Saloon in the old Inn of the Golden West in Odessa.
2009-06-10 00:07:30
BUG Bend Park ? That sounds more like south Louisiana than Texas.
2009-06-09 23:06:54
I'm often amazed and puzzled that there are so many folks in this state, not to mention the rest of the country, who've never been to Big Bend or the Guadalupes...and yeah, the trans-Pecos in the summertime can be not just brutal but fatal...and of course the Guadalupes are a National Park, not a state park, but I'm sure that's what you meant to say...I'll be out there myself later on this summer..if I run into you at the White Buffalo Bar at the Gage Hotel in Marathon I'll let you buy me a beer !
2009-06-09 16:28:20
I used to go up through Dog Canyon before Guadalupe was a state park. You used to have to travel a short distance across private land and had to be sure and close the gates! Also, the Bug Bend Ranch is being incorporated into the state park and into the who Big Bend Park system. It will cut travel time into the state park when they get the road open. I'm heading out there in August, when most tourists wouldn't dare! I have some land between Panther and Agua Fria mountains. Not much there - just a tin-roofed stone and cinderblock cabin - but that's the whole point!!
2009-06-07 14:15:14
Agreed, Big Bend is, by West Texas standards, gettin' crowded...too eay to get there...oughta be a gravel/caliche road from about Marathon on down...that'd weed out a lot of dillatantes...if you want to get away from folks, try the Dog Canyon entrance to the Guadalupes...have to drive up past Carlsbad, go west on the old Queen hiway, then drop down to the park entrance from the north.....kinda hard to get to, but you can actually have the whole place to yourself sometimes...
2009-06-07 09:55:27
Well, it's still known as a "ghost town" to most people, and to the locals that's kind of a running joke. When I first started going there about 40 years ago, Terlingua was pretty much abandoned, except for the old store. They've even restored the church, in which I used to sleep when I was much younger. The mine entrances are also now covered with gratings, but I remember when they were just open holes, with about a 600-foot drop to water. But still, you have to drive to Presidio or Alpine for a good load of groceries! As for Lajitas, that Palms Springs wanna be place just needs to blow away. I go the Big Bend area twice a year... three if I can manage it. It's getting so crowded that you can now see lights at night from The Window and they even have a freakin' "Chili with Beans" cook-off just down the road from the REAL cook-off. But hell, down there, "crowded" is a very relative term.
2009-06-06 23:13:43
There're some folks who question whether Terlingua is still a Ghost Town, since several hundred people live around there now and it's got bars, cafes, a deli, art galleries, a bank, a post office, a massage parlor and a dinner theatre...some might even question whether it's a town at all, ghost or otherwise..maybe if you were to put Terlingua, Lajitas ( home of the famous beer-drinkin' goat who was elected mayor ) and Study ( rhymes with beauty )Butte all together you'd have a town...sort of. But what ever else it is or isn't, it's the home of the International Championship Chili Cook-Off, held each year in November. By then it's cooled off enough for normal humans (ie: non-Texans) to survive longer than forty-five minutes out in the noonday sun.