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Old Comments:

2009-05-30 01:10:51
I did not do my ‘poaching’ in nature reserves, national parks, etc. I had a Rare Plant Field Guide, of course, and pictures of endangered plants. I am not a dunce, and flowers and plants are my first love as a hobby, so I pretty much know what I am doing in that field. I am a fierce protector of rare species and quite frequently ‘stand on the barricades’ about one rare plant or another if its habitat is being threatened. – As to the cacti that delighted me indoors for two years: before I left Colorado, I planted them back where I found them.
2009-05-29 20:04:30
Wasn't it illegal to poach plants from the wilds in Colorado?
2009-05-29 12:43:01
When I lived in the mountains in Colorado, I used to go hiking in search of interesting plants and flowers. I always had a trowel and thick gloves in my backpack because I knew there were also cacti. When I planted the cacti indoors in later winter, they though it was spring/summer and began to bloom almost instantly. This cactus looks like the ones I found.