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Old Comments:

2011-12-10 21:37:32
I like it. Actually, my mother loves it and I would like to find out if I can purchase a copy of this.
2010-07-03 02:21:33
Hi, Like your pic. I am looking for a picture to make at an Italian street painting at State College (). Please let me know if I can use yours: Thanks!
2010-02-25 18:28:02
Been there, the colors are not real, too much photoshop.
2009-01-21 08:11:46
Beautiful. This appeals to me on so many different levels. First, I can't imagine climbing up to my house each day. I really wonder how they navigate all of this. I would LOVE to go there myself someday and see it first-hand.
2008-08-26 09:26:07
@mc i agree. i like heavy color :D
2008-08-20 23:23:16
i have been there as well and seen this beautiful scene however in this photo i think there is a little work with photoshop. Real colours are worn out and seem better!
2008-07-25 18:48:57
i have been there and this picture, while it is amazing, can never do justice to the magnificence of this location. it is truly amazing
2008-02-29 21:19:53
Myself, I like surrealistic colors. I am a surrealist. Heavily polarized, heavy color saturation, I love it. I am sure a light pastel version of this shot would have its admirers too. The beauty of art. Different strokes for different folks.
2008-02-29 15:29:04
Nice picture, but overdone with photoshopping the bright colours, which are not true to life.