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Old Comments:

2010-04-30 21:21:57
Yes, I agree with that Connie, that Wikimedia has some really beautiful pictures. The one called 'Farmhouse at Saint Peter on the Bichl' I posted a week or two back is a classic example.
2010-04-30 16:32:23
I'm glad to see PictureGirl that I am not the only one that posts photos from Wikipedia, Wikimedia. At first I noticed, for some odd reason, some folks would downvote them. Yet, they have some of the most beautiful photos.
2010-04-30 15:32:10
No Connie. You don't have too much imagination. I think this bird's patterns are very beautiful and quilt like....:)
2010-04-30 15:23:02
Patterns in Nature. That bird reminds me of a beautiful quilt...or do I have too much imagination ;-)
2010-04-30 12:05:26
Thanks for the information about the bird, 85. That is why I put that link above as far as what else this bird is known as. It does not however have that this bird is becoming endangered. That is a real shame and very sad too... :(
2010-04-30 11:24:37
Also known as the amethyst starling and the plum colored starling. The bird in the picture is a male, the female does not have these bright colors. This bird is found in sub-saharan Africa and is red-listed as becoming endangered.
2010-04-29 21:10:42