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2010-10-05 13:06:23
Naw,I wouldn't draft them; they've become too soft and whimpy since coming to Canada - too much of a good hope for them. We can't invade Granada; you Americans already did! That would be a double yammy. How about Venezuela? That would be a popular war...lots of folks, especially the King of Spain, would like to kick Chavez's butt to kingdom come. As for Kabul, that would be too easy. How about sending them to the Arctic - the part that Canada is claiming - to keep an eye on those stupid Russians who go around planting their stupid flag under our pretty ice (they really did that). Oh oh, perhaps not; their loyalty might be divided. You rather nice Americans are taking your warships through there without first advising Ottawa...which was agreed upon. Next thing we know, you stupid Americans will plant your stupid flag under our very nice ice. Then, there is Denmark and so on.....It's our ice I tell you...our ice - every chunk of it.
2010-10-05 11:36:27's my suggestion...draft them yourselves, drill 'em into shape, and use 'em to invade a small country ...Iceland, maybe..or Greenland....or hell, maybe Grenada or've got a navy, right? Any of those guy give you any guff or try to bugg out tell 'em it's go along with you or they're on the next flight out to Kabul.
2010-10-05 11:08:15
PATITO - Here's some info that might interest you. If you recall, Canada welcomed with open arms all the draft dodgers from the Vietnam War. Canada welcomed the Vietnam draft dodgers (tens of thousands) because they were conscripted. Now we have 300-400 US Iraq war resisters. But, Canada was not prepared to welcome them because there was no conscription; they voluntarily joined the Armed Forces. However, there is a strong protest that the people in Canada do not want them sent back. What to do...what to do? Ah yes, the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 was not sanctioned by the UN Security Council....a good starting point. Many of these Americans are deserters trying to avoid a second tour of duty in Iraq - forced by a US military "stop-loss" program to deal with personnel shortages. Some politicians are saying that they have to prove that they have a substantial objection of conscience to forced military service. Anyways, it's still being debated in Parliament. However, the bill to stop the deportation of deserters and allow them permanent residence in Canada is scheduled for a House of Commons vote soon.
2010-10-05 04:53:01
In the words of the poet, Tom T. Hall, as men get older it's "...faster horses, younger women, older whiskey, more money.."
2010-10-05 04:11:41
I heard a news program discussing an interview that Tony Curtis had given in which they said he had been married four times - each time leaving for a younger woman - asked why he was always finding younger women he replied that he wouldn't be caught dead with a woman old enough to be his wife
2010-10-04 03:21:26
Thank you for posting this and taking time to remember this great actor who was also a fine human being and a humanitarian. Tony Curtis was born Bernard Schwartz in the Bronx New York. His parents were hungarian jewish immigrants from Hungary. He had a tough childhood and suffered from abuse but managed to overcome that and go on to be a talented and successful actor and artist. He helped finance the rebuilding of "the Great Synagogue" in Budapest Hungary. The largest synagogue in Europe today, He also founded The Emanuel Foundation for Hungarian Culture, and served as honarary chairperson. The organization works for the restoration and preservation of synagogues and 1300 Jewish cemeteries in Hungary. He dedicated this to the 600,000 Hungarian victims of the Holocaust.
2010-10-04 00:25:00
fotografia graziosa attore eccellente
2010-10-04 00:24:16
fotografia graziosa attore eccellente
2010-10-03 14:23:03
May his soul rest in peace