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Old Comments:

2009-04-15 13:58:59
razzberry...bronx cheer? As if you're a lot of help AB ;-)
2009-04-15 12:45:53
We don't fight. We have spirited discussions. As for the symbols mine is a frown face. The more I look at Patito's symbol the more I think he's giving me the razzberry (bronx cheer) ;-)
2009-04-15 12:12:50
I enjoy watching you two fight on politics - it means freedom of speech is alive and well. But, drats, do you two have to make strange symbols that I don't understand :-( and );^P. Now I don't know how the fight ended.
2009-04-15 09:59:43
2009-04-15 08:55:44
2009-04-15 08:55:14
2009-04-15 07:24:16
A keep posting these.....great great, it's nice to know someone out there feels like I do.....keep the faith!