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Old Comments:

2010-08-18 09:54:59
You act like little girl while you twit other users ! You help patito destroy pixdaus by lowering standards with his mediocre pics while he have the cheek to spit and twit . You leave no stone un-turned to spit on ther users with your one-comment wonders while patito destroy pixdaus by spitting and twitting.
2010-08-18 09:49:25
you just WANT to believe that I am the only one who downvote ALL pics at Pixdaus! you really act like a little girl...
2010-08-18 09:47:49
it must be very easy for you to get yourself disqualified due to your behaviour.... :-P
2010-08-18 09:46:39
You know I'm a girl, but you are the little boy, and you prove it by spending so much time here with your adolescent rage fits! you have been downvoting pics for as long as I have been posting here,,the name changes, and sometimes you find new people to pick on, but it's always the same crap from you!
2010-08-18 09:43:33
Muahahaha..patito have the cheek to up-vote his mediocre pics while he twit all other users. He spit on all other users while he twit them with his cheek ! He lower the standards while he twit other users with one-comment wonders while he destroy pixdaus.
2010-08-18 09:42:36
you don't care that patito delete his pic??? go back to your kindergarten, skippy boy!
2010-08-18 09:40:00
Muahahah patito you have the cheek to twit other users while you destroy pixadus with your one-comment wonders.
2010-08-18 09:38:30
The only dumb thing I did was to waste time talking to you!
2010-08-18 09:38:09
patito make one-comment wonder comments! He he the cheek to ruin pixdaus with his childish game, and he spit on other users while he twit them. He lower the standard with his pics while he twit all other users . Muahahaha he twit and spit while he lower the standards while he have the cheek to destroy pixdaus. He leave no stone un-turned while he lower standards all the while he have the cheek to spit and twit .
2010-08-18 09:33:38
muahahaha next one-comment-asshole! you leave no stone unturned to keep your childish game alive, patito...
2010-08-18 09:31:08
you are nuts, skip! patito delete the whole picture cause my comments getting uncomfortable for him again! open your eyes and think first, dumb-ass!
2010-08-18 09:30:44
What makes you think anybody wants to do you a favor, butt-lick ? YOU lower the standard of pixdaus. We have nice, polite conversations for the most part till you show up. You're like a fart in church.
2010-08-18 09:28:45
I'd like to know why you removed my comments from the other chuck berry picture Patito is a liar? Is it because I pointed out that you were the one playing with the votes? if anyone lowers the standards of pixdaus,,, it's you!
2010-08-18 09:21:51
thanks, putato! but if you want do me a favour than do not upload those pics. they lower the standard of Pixdaus! btw: it doesn't take long till they get your 20 vote boost, patito! thanks for ruin Pixdaus, asshole!