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2009-03-08 11:34:51
SPIDER CHRYSANTHEMUM The photographer said: The flower I simply bought at the supermarket. Put it in a vase. Put the vase on a chair in a room full of windows. Propped a yellow board against the back of the chair. Screwed a close-up lens onto the G2, put the G2 on a tripod, and focused in close till the result looked good on the camera's LCD display. Took the photo in AV mode at the smallest aperture (f/8) for DOF. Tried all the three focus points in case one gave better focus than the others. Tried setting exposure compensation up a bit, since the first try was a trifle dark. (Used the histogram display after each shot to judge overall light/dark cast.) That's it. I took the photo at the camera's highest JPG resolution, so was able to load it directly into Photoshop, where nothing but a little USM and Auto Levels was necessary.