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Old Comments:

2011-12-09 06:11:24
This is a beautiful picture, see it however you wish and accept other people's ways of seeing it. Accept - not tolerate. Tolerance, to me anyway, means "putting up with" therefore acceptance is more embracing and meaningful. Let's all enjoy the beauty of this image. Thanks, Goofy's Elf.
2011-12-09 05:50:55
It is a beautiful Christmas tree and if that is politically incorrect, so what? That is ok by me. I have come 3000 miles across an ocean to be wrong again,once before under Hitler and then again under Ulbricht. I was a Rebel before I knew how to spell it!!
2011-12-08 20:42:13
There is a real obsession in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America to be politically correct. That comes from governments, interest groups etc. Yet, most non Christians are not the ones asking that we change the names; we are doing it to ourselves. My posts was to simply show how silly we have become, especially our governments.
2011-12-08 15:58:55
What has "political" correctness to do with this picture? There's been similar traditions since the oldest pre-pagan times, the meaning of which being, to pretend on the longest and darkest night of the year, that nature is not dead, that life will return, to lighten this dark night, to hope for a re-start of nature. Many cultures have similar festivities, the Hindu have Divali, the festival of light, the Thai people float ballons carrying candles, or put candles on little float and let them be carried out to sea. And so on. And not one of these cultures is so afraid to give these festivals their own name without always having to apologize to other cultures for their festival. "Tolerance" means accepting these various symbols of human hope for what they are, without bitching about "political" correctness. There's nothing "correct" about calling things by their name and what kind of "politics" are the whiners really talking about? The picture is beautiful. If it looks like "Christmas", so what? Would you bitch about a lighted Hanukkah candelabra? Or the lighting of candles in S.E.Asia? Enjoy the "other" traditions, maybe even try to understand them, if your intelligence permits and let them be what they are. THAT's tolerance. In this spirit: YO SATURNALIA!
2011-12-08 14:43:52
Beautiful picture (and yes the christmas tree is actually part of a pagan ritual, not christian), people are strange :/
2011-12-08 08:35:43
A winter scenery with a natural Christmas tree. Quote from comments on deviantart. "Can you imagine that there is a group on DA ( which says that this was a religious symbol and that they don't accept religion related photos?" "I can imagine that they wanted to be very "tolerant" or very "political correct", but this behaviour is pretty much the opposite of tolerance..." "This shows that people are afraid of the "differences"...and this fear leads to intolerance and often to even worse things..." "I have never heard that somebody had a problem with a tree or with a Christmas tree. This is basically a landscape photo!" "Btw: If you think that the Christians invented it, then you are wrong because the ritual of taking a plant or a tree to celebrate something has its roots in a lot of different cultures from all over the earth"