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Posted By:Danis51

Old Comments:

2009-11-27 16:22:08
That's ok, Connie. No harm done... :)
2009-11-27 16:20:36
Thankyou jujuba. I wish that I could've said more comforting words to you. It's hard to know quite what to say when it comes to things like this. But please know that I am thinking of you and will keep you in my prayers as well. That's ok about Connie and what she said too. I know that she wouldn't say things to upset you on purpose. It's as you say, the whole thing about Christmas and the sad times that it sometimes brings to people. Take care, jujuba... :)
2009-11-27 14:16:12
PictureGirl - I understood exactly what jujuba was saying; it was very clear.
2009-11-27 12:17:12
I appreciate your sweet words and consider myself hugged by you ;-) Itīs hard to leave without a loved one, but unfortunately we need to move on, even if we donīt want to. And I never meant to say that I got sad because of Connieīs comment, itīs just because of the holidays. Sheīs actually right.
2009-11-27 11:56:08
I'm so very sorry to read about this, jujuba. I wish that I could give you a hug and tell you that things will be ok. I'm sure that Connie didn't mean to make you sad with her comments. I hope that you will be ok...:)
2009-11-27 04:17:36
Sure you may ask PG :-) Because of all the things Connie said in her comment below, but most of all, because X-mas has not been the same for me after my dad left us. He was and will always be my guardian angel, my guiding star and the celebrations just donīt have the same spark without him. This time of the year brings me too many memories of him which, in spite of being really great memories, make me miss him like crazy and make me sad. And I donīt know why, maybe itīs just me, but I have the tendency of remembering all the bad and tough episodes which happened during the year at Christmas time, instead of being thankful for the good ones. Donīt know why...too many negative thoughts.
2009-11-26 18:25:00
Christmas is a very stressful (too busy, too much money), sad and disappointing time for a lot of folks. There is so much expectation, so much hope...often very unrealistic. Some expect a Rockwell-type Christmas. Families get together for perhaps the only time in the year; tensions and old arguments arise. It has become so materialistic that the whole meaning of Christmas is lost. Macy's in Seattle opened their Christmas Section the last week of September!! My own enjoyment of Christmas is getting together with my friends by going out for dinners like the first one tonight with some friends (early because they were visiting from out of town). So there is no grocery shopping, no cooking, no baking for any of us. However, I do bake some cookies and put them in colourful tins for three neighbours who I know and who need a caring touch. Friends do not exchange gifts - just good wishes. My immediate family members who live in Vancouver and I sometime go to a restaurant or sometimes have a simple but well prepared meal at home. We only give gifts to the children, and not too much at that.
2009-11-26 15:38:09
Why is that jujuba, if I may ask ? I'm so sorry that it is a sad time for you.
2009-11-26 13:43:58
I find Christmas a sad time...
2009-11-26 12:05:06
Wonderful time of year..but have come to resent what has been done to Christmas, at least here in the's become an orgy of consumption and spending which has very little to do with what Christmas is actually about....