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Old Comments:

2010-12-25 19:13:05
No benefit !!! Or twenty positive votes. Or delete pictures and comment. This website is inherited
2010-12-25 02:26:48
Oh, you think that's bad ? Let me tell you what he did to me ! I found out that for years while I was out slaving away to make the car payments and pay the rent and keep food on the table that someone had been sneaking into my house while I was gone and hosing down my old lady ! Yes, I should have known . All the clues were there. She seemed extra cheerful, always smiling and humming to herself in a happy mood. And guess who it was ! Yes ! Patito had been secretly putting the pork to my precious darling FOR YEARS ! Now you know why I hate the cheating bastard !
2010-12-25 00:05:17
When I was just a child someone came to our home and pushed our little blind puppy in thecreek, then stood and laughed as we wept in sorrow. Who could it have been but Patito ?
2010-12-24 23:25:21
Marry x-mass patito!
2010-12-24 22:08:58
IGNORE PATITO! It's a matter of common knowledge on Pixdaus that patito is an obsessed cheating lunatic who angles for orther users attention! Look at all his fake comments above! He acts the big shot. Don't pay attention to him and he'll soon be history!!! Merry Christmas!
2010-12-24 17:20:19
Sorry but you are mistaken, Happy Jack, I am not so foolish as to post a comment under my username. I know only too well what the repercussions would be, as I clearly stated, I have had unpleasant dealings with patito before. Another example of such, is the time I posted a picture of my childhood home and patito wasted no time commenting under an "alias name" that the picture was "out of focus and undesirable" naturally I was outraged, and when I confronted him on it, he had the gall to claim he had not even seen the picture I posted of my childhood home, and was supposedly gone fishing some where...a likely story!
2010-12-24 17:10:06
Patito, I have no desire to engage in some type of war with you, even though you seem to relish this sort of stuff. Just leave me alone and I really don't give a hoot what you do and I will return the favor. There is room for both of us on Pixdaus and I can simply continue to ignore photos of pizza and hamburgers.
2010-12-24 17:06:42
Sorry patito, this stuff won't sell. For one, jelly bean has never posted a photo, voted down or not. For another jelly bean has to date only posted a single comment.
2010-12-24 16:54:30
I posted a picture of a giraffe last week and it was voted down almost instantly. I too feel that patito must have done it. I mean who else would possibly do such a thing? Also a month ago I posted a fine looking landscape with the title "Fine Morning" and two hours later patito arrived and posted the same photo (turned sideways) with the title "Morning is Fine" Of course this was done with a fictitious name, but none the less, it was an act of outright sabotage.
2010-12-24 15:32:56
My Christmas wishes photo, that was downvoted yesterday (but not all of the way to -13), has now been removed completely. Obviously somebody is capable of doing this and, if not patito, who else. I feel that it is a heinous act, in the first place, to down-vote a Christmas post. However, to delete the picture entirely goes entirely beyond that. I am going to repost the photo, but expect that it will be deleted once again and very quickly.
2010-12-24 14:19:42
It's alright, Connie. I know that you share my passionate obsession with Patito and understand how my breath quickens and my pulse races when I think of him. I know yours does as well, and though neither if us can have him in real life we can both share him in our dreams.
2010-12-24 14:10:28
I just realized that it's a different LarrySheldon...sorry for the smiley
2010-12-24 14:09:24
2010-12-24 13:57:26
I uploaded my photo once again and it was almost immediately removed. Could anybody other than patito been responsible for this. Or, for that matter, for the comment below that paradies my user name?
2010-12-24 09:26:54
But then again , I'm infatuated with Patito too. No matter how hard I try I can't get the thought of him out of my mind. I see him in my secret thoughts walking on the beach, muscles rippling, his tanned skin glistening in the tropical sun , and despite myself I long can't say those things here. I'd better stop and change the subject.
2010-12-24 09:26:12
Patito is not a friend. I don't think there is any such thing as a cyberspace 'friend'.
2010-12-24 09:18:28
Get real Connie, it is quite obvious that it is patito that is deleting these photos. After Ademir and Peasant posted their own photos, I posted mine. I especially wanted to do this because patito had posted several false photos of me. This photo was quickly removed, although the photos of Ademir and Peasant remain. There is absolutely no reason for Pixdaus to do this and their is no motive for any user but patito. Face the facts, Connie, your friend patito is very malicious. He undoubtedly up-voted this photo as well.
2010-12-24 08:43:33
By the way, I voted for this photo...again because it's a lovely heart-warming photo - especially for children.
2010-12-24 08:34:55
I’m re-posting my comment that I had written under Patito’s lst post, which was deleted. It’s my right and others to free expression. I won’t be surprised if Pixdaus throw me out of this site after this. I will, however, remove reference to them. My comment was in response to Patito’s comment re truce. You extended a truce about a year ago; but it was only very temporary before you started again. I had nothing wrong to you before you started again the last few days, and your goon friends came at me from all directions. I will not be on this site next year not just because of you, but also the cheaters who can up vote their uploads, those who vote for the username and not the photo, the many premium users & others who hide behind troll names while insulting others, person(s) who have the ability to delete photos and comments, and the site slowly getting flooded by reposts. What is the worse, in my opinion, is that someone is able to delete photos and comments for no good reasons (good reasons: porn, racism). Here are a couple of examples: A couple of days ago, Redwing Blackbird posted one of my up loads (do a search under ‘holly’ and read the comments). After I made my comments, my upload was deleted. This is not the first time this has happened. At least another photo was also, a couple of days ago, deleted because someone else, then myself, said they were reposts. ‘Bluebell Fantasy’ and ‘Dunster Thatch’ had been posted by bebel quite a while back. A couple of days ago they were re-posted by Luna as ‘Blubell Fantasy’ and Dunster hatch’. Bluebell Fantasy by bebel has been deleted. Tell me that Luna is not shopping in bebel’s file! It was too much of a coincidence. At bebel’s home page you can’t tell if her name was registered. . This is not a photo site. If it was: - re-posting would not be allowed - no one would be given the 'power' to delete comments or photos - no one could stay artificially on top of the list (ie JChip8) - no one could upvote their own photos or comments - no one could move their ranking (ie observer going up from #9 to #6 in 3 days)
2010-12-24 08:29:39
I just realize that this photo was re-posted by Patito...because the previous one was deleted. I highly doubt that Patito deleted it. I had made a reference that Pixdaus may have deleted my photos because of my complaints re reposts OR or that Pixdaus may have given someone on Pixdaus the power to do so. So, I suspect that Pixdaus deleted Patito's previous post.
2010-12-24 07:48:52
I'm sorry, I just can't help it. I'm utterly infatuated with Patito. I am obssesed by images of him that prance through my fevered brain like reindeer on snow-covered roofs ! I dream of him at night and think of him all day. I fantasize about his powerful arms embracing me, about his huge throbbing...oh my ...I better stop now before it becomes too personal.
2010-12-24 07:41:55
Blah blah blah blah Patito blither blither blah blah blither Patito ! And blither blah blah twaddle tommyrot blah blah Patito ! Blither blabber blah blah blabber blither blah blah twaddle Patito !
2010-12-24 06:09:17
The PICTURE has been deleted!!! Patito deleted his own picture on the spot when too many uncomfortable comments about him had been written!! This is his second upload of the same picture!!
2010-12-24 06:00:15
I see all the comments have been deleted. Somebody has power! ;-)