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Old Comments:

2011-11-15 02:00:53
restoration, this was somehow removed from 'recently commented'.
2011-11-14 22:16:15
2010-11-29 03:34:06
My laugh for the day ;-)
2010-11-29 03:33:10
I did tell Ademir more than once that he had posted a duplicate photo.
2010-11-29 00:57:56
I have had enough of these foolish games with all you silly people. I have better things to do, and since this is my day off from work I'm going to take my little goat for a nice little stroll in the back garden ( wink wink , nudge nudge ) ! I have a new job, you know, working in the circumcision ward at the local hospital. The pay isn't all that great, but I do get a lot of tips !
2010-11-28 21:42:31
...and you do not downvote White Eagles picswith -4 votes, Patito! This site is a playground for deranged people like you. Do yourself (and the rest of Pixdaus) the favour and go to a psychiatrist with your Loganmania. It's just once more banal and annoying.
2010-11-28 19:24:13
Dear Old Smokey: You forgot to tell him to diddle his goat
2010-11-28 19:14:56
Ademir aka Observer does post duplicates but not as much as before, but you White Eagle aka jojo87 post too many duplicates. Like Connie says you could have searched under just one word lenticular, but you were too lazy or too arrogant to do that.
2010-11-28 14:07:13
The reason why nobody says much when Ademir or Peasant post duplicates is that they are both witty and congenial guys and most people like them. But you, Logan aka White Eagle, are an insufferably arrogant obnoxious asshole and a lying sack of shit, and NOBODY likes you. Not even your mother.
2010-11-28 12:07:01
...and when you search for the photographers name, there is NO picture shown up except this one! Ademir is posting duplicates too, but no word to him... hmm...
2010-11-28 06:25:55
This photo, which is all over the internet, is from Astronomy Picture of the Day - NASA. It has been posted by jchip8 and label62. White Eagle - not to pick on you, but you could have done a simple search under the word lenticular and it would have shown up right away.