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Posted By:BoDyShor

Old Comments:

2011-08-20 20:25:06
Absolutely right. Otherwise, someone just visiting Pixdaus for the first time who had not spent countless hours, days and weeks going through the back pages of the archives, might not realize they were looking at a picture that had been posted before ! And that would be a terrible calamity. In fact , the mind reels at the horror of it ! Let's all get on our knees and thank the Blessed Baby Jesus for Duplicate/Inane Commenter and his ( or her ) tireless efforts on our behalf !
2011-08-20 20:18:03
Thanks so much, Inane Commenter. You do so much to contribute to the quality of the experience here at Pixdaus. We are all filled with scarcely expressible joy and gladness when we see that you have posted the same photo over and over here in the comments section. Thank God we have people like you who are ever vigilant and on guard.
2011-08-20 20:10:42