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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-03-13 03:49:28
You write better English that many people who's English is their main language.
2009-03-12 21:23:41
Dear Connie: I was not asking YOU that question, I was asking myself. Every day, I am sorely tempted to add those 'repost' tags but I don't do it because it does not feel good when it is done to me, - therefore, it makes sense that it's not going to feel great for any other poster, either. Perhaps I just did not explain it properly and you got the wrong idea. Hey - it's not my lingo... give me SOME slack. ;-)
2009-03-12 13:06:01
Why are you asking me the question " why would I do it to someone else"? I did not say or implied that you did. I'm saying that some folks are putting 'repost' under the tags. If I post a duplicate, I don't care if someone adds 'repost' to my tags. But, they should check first, via the 'Search' button, to see if that photo was already posted and if it had proper tags.
2009-03-12 09:35:50
There are very FEW 'repost' tags added to the Champion Duplicate Posters' tags, Connie. I'd be quite busy all day adding them if I were so inclined, which I am not, since I don't like my own tags defiled so why would I do it to someone else? Making comments does not stop them doing it, either.
2009-03-12 07:55:07
You're right about Skip; he/she has very rarely posted duplicates. I agree Poppy that there are some Champion Duplicate Posters who's photos are 50% of the time duplicates. But, it's noted, because I see 'repost' under their tags a lot. So, folks are singling them out.
2009-03-12 07:45:56
On the other side of the coin, when I see reposted photos I sometimes check with the 'Search button' (when it's working); in many cases the original photo appears. Some of these posters continuously and consciously select the majority of their photos from Pixdaus to upload to Pixdaus. However, the problem could be that some posters and commentators on Pixdaus can't read or write English well. We need to be aware and sensitive about that. Pixdaus is used by people from all over the world. Pixdaus is not even in an English speaking country. I have made the mistake of forgetting to check via the 'Search' button only to find out after or later that it had already been posted. There are many times that I see a photo that has previously been posted, in some cases very recently, yet I would not be able to provide the link simply because of lack of tags or wrong information on the tags. The only solution is for us to make use of the 'Search' button, and tag properly.
2009-03-12 07:27:45
The main point, and I have said this before, is that why is Skip being pestered by the repost tags at all? She has an extremely low duplicate record while some other posters are batting at 50% or over? Those people do not care if the pictures they duplicate were posted during the past week, or yesterday, or even today already. Why don't the self-appointed Duplicate Police go and pester them, instead? None of us is able to remember all the pictures that we see here, but some posters do not make an effort to see the dailies, even, before they post their pictures. There are also a few posters who regularly poach pictures from other posters' files, either because they are too lazy to go looking for their own or they do it deliberately to annoy the posters whose pictures they pilfer. It is ridiculous that Skip has to defend herself over such a trifling matter as this when the Duplicate Police are blind as bats when it comes to recognizing the Champion Duplicate Posters!
2009-03-12 06:39:14
Site not sight! give me a break language police I'm as tired of writing as you may be of reading my writing!!!! : )
2009-03-12 06:36:15
I think it depends on the votes connie, as to weather a picture sticks around long enough to be seen, and even if you visit this sight often I think it would be hard to see every single picture posted, I want to say this again, I understand that it is frustrating to see a picture posted that was posted in the last few weeks or months, But when the pic was posted along time ago, by a person who is not the actual photographer,,,then what is the big problem with the picture being posted again?? for people who have not seen it to be able to enjoy it.
2009-03-12 06:25:19
The search button has only started to work again in the last couple of days. I've been on this site over a year, and I have never seen this photo. Using the search button does not always help because so many people don't put anything under the tag, many times with no caption. When I go to 'recently commented' I see photos I have never seen before. Yet, when I look at some of the comments, it indicates the photos were uploaded in the last month or at least the last year. So, I think it's possible that we don't all see the exact same photos...which is odd. Anybody else noticed that?
2009-03-12 05:59:18
I think the fact that this picture has very few votes, at the moment, and yet five people added it to favorites, proves the point that it's unfair to write repost on a pic without giving the link, because if enough people vote against a picture that says repost on it, then the picture will not be seen by anyone. It is annoying to have reposts, but it's also wrong to get rid of someone's picture with false information.
2009-03-12 01:53:55
Searching only works if the pics are tagged - and tagged correctly. I have tried it and it STILL doesn't bring up all the pics even if they are tagged (and correctly) I have looked through a lot of pages only to find one later that wasn't included that should have been --with the tags on it that should have brought it up. So the system has flaws. I agree with skip -if you say it is a repost put the link in the comments. No one can look through thousands of pics every time. Duplicates Happen! Let's get past this already.
2009-03-11 23:30:02
I did not just begin to check, I have always checked, mostly by going through page after page of the newly added pics, and that's enough in itself, I thought my search button did not work but after we talked the other day I tried it again, and it works now, before that I thought the only way I could look through the pics was to press the word "cat" or whatever on the tags, and that did not help with posting a new pic. but I still think instead of writing repost on the tags, people should write the link to the duplicate pic, otherwise we are suppose to just take your word for it, when we have no idea who you are or what your motive is for writing it.
2009-03-11 23:11:21
I know you are talking to me, but I told you before that I am not the only one who add "repost" to the tags! And this time I didn't wrote it! But nice that you begin to check BEFORE you posting a picture! So my last action effect something!
2009-03-11 22:46:42
I just went through all the pics tagged with childhood, and it's not there. I started to look under "girl" but there are seventy eight pages. I do not remember seeing this before here. If you are going to write repost on our tags, the least you can do is prove it. (Remember you were right about my red bridge, But you were wrong about the tree called enchanted by arron) and also what's wrong with seeing this pic again if it has not been posted for a long time? none of us are the photographers, and not everyone on the planet has seen this pic before... I understand when it's a picture that has been posted in the last week or recent past,but it's ridiculous to think we can avoid all reposts, I'm doing my best to check for duplicates, but I'm not a machine and it's up to pixdaus if they don't want reposts.