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Old Comments:

2009-10-01 12:43:06
wow extremely, extremely BEAUTIFUL. thanks for sharing
2009-10-01 11:32:21
On second look, it's definitely a real flower with waterdrops. No one can replicate such beauty, not even the great Chihuly ;-)
2009-10-01 11:28:20
I forgot to add that Dale Chihuly is a glass sculpture from Tacoma, Washington. He does incredible glass art. There was a documentary special on Seattle’s public television station, showing him working with glass. You can read up more on him at Wikipedia, among other sites.
2009-10-01 11:23:15
Maybe the photographer meant that the work looked like a Chihuli. I can't tell if its real or glass. Either way, it's a beaut!
2009-10-01 10:46:48
I didn't even know who he was, Connie, but I knew the photographer, Steve took it :) called it that to say the flower looked like chihuli. This photographer does a lot of waterdrops on flowers, I really enjoyed them. I will have to look up Chihuli now too :)
2009-10-01 10:39:58
Chihuli has some of his work on display in Vancouver....on Bute Street.
2009-10-01 10:38:59
Thanks poppy, I always did like chandelier's, but I've never seen one quite like this :)
2009-10-01 10:25:22
Folks, see it in full-size, it's spectacular! Great find, Skip!