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Posted By:Lee

Old Comments:

2008-03-17 05:08:00
I've been there.
2008-03-16 08:58:05
Reminds me of bertrands island, abandoned amusement park in New Jersey before they turned it into a housing development. Just like they do with everything else.
2008-03-15 06:40:33
i have heard that you shouldt drink the water in that town..
2008-03-15 05:55:13
Yes, It`s Prypiat. BTW, this is very radioactive place in this City.You must be carefull during visiting this town. In Kiev You can find travel agency, they organize sightseeng of Prypiat. It`s true.... and safe if You will not go to some places like "Red Wood".
2008-03-15 04:07:57
Everything seems to be Kazakhstan today on pix/zdaus but it is not, it is not even Chernobyl. It is Pripyat. Abandoned city near Chernobyl...
2008-03-15 03:04:54
... looks more like Michigan to me!
2008-03-15 02:31:08
Looks like Kazakhstan to me...
2008-03-15 02:27:16
2008-03-15 02:21:10
Neverland Ranch?
2008-03-15 02:05:39
Photo taken at night.
2008-03-15 01:17:30
Call of Duty 4 ... Nice pic !
2008-03-15 01:00:06
Very cool