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Posted By:LM

Old Comments:

2008-10-31 10:47:52
An interesting picture ruined by HDR.
2008-02-25 05:06:53
The image in wikipedia you reffer to is published in 2007 but is taken in March 2006. See metadata at the bottom of the page.
2008-02-25 00:20:59
Yes, it was in operation till 2000 and has then been shut down. Workers still remain at the plant around the clock because there is still live nuclear fuel in there that needs to be monitored.
2008-02-25 00:08:19
Whole plant has been closed and turned off in 2000.
2008-02-24 10:28:07
Is that the photo of the concrete shell?
2008-02-24 09:50:30
I heard that the plant still produces some power, manned by a small crew. Is this true? if so can you say hazard pay...
2008-02-24 09:29:14
A place of self-sacrificing bravery..
2008-02-24 09:25:51
Is that HDR?
2008-02-24 09:13:36
reminds me of "the hand of NOD" from red alert C&C