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2010-10-02 11:15:59
For me Johnny Weismuller was the 'real' Tarzan, maybe because he wasn't simply an actor but was also a real athlete...he won five Olympic gold medals in swimming, set over 60 world records, and retired as an amateur without ever having lost a race.
2010-10-02 03:35:15
Edgar Rice Buroughs' first Tarzan novel, 'Tarzan of the Apes,' was published in 1912. He went on to write over 20 more Tarzan books, as well as dozens of other fantasy, adventure and science fiction titles. The earliest Tarzan film appeared in 1918, starring Elmo Lincoln. The Internet Data Base lists 89 film titles containing the name 'Tarzan,' and the role has been played by at least two dozen actors through the years including Johnny Weismuller, Buster Crabbe, Frank Merrill and Lex Barker.