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Old Comments:

2009-05-17 18:48:20
This competition is cheapening Pixdaus. Voting may be necessary to weed out inappropriate posts such as this, but this site is about photography, not personalities. I don't even care if the photo is taken by the poster. I vote for beautiful, creative photos - not for people.
2009-05-17 18:20:13
@all Look at the "Recently up-voted" or in the "Recent Popular" Sections and you will see that ultrasonic, power and farhad massiv vote for their own pictures! With that they are lying to all of us: why do we need a "Popular Section" then? They vote in it whatever THEY want! (And that's their own pictures!). The Popular-Section is obsolete, you can't "trust" it anymore! Why do we need a voting systen then? The are obviously manipulate and use it only for their OWN targets! If you like to use our voting system than vote these losers down!