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Old Comments:

2008-12-10 23:33:03
Don't thank for a photo you didn't make yourself, dumbass!
2008-12-10 21:24:34
beautiful in the night.
2008-12-10 21:12:21
OK mental patient is Farhad dear
2008-12-10 21:05:54
thank you Davidgois
2008-12-10 20:48:18
Good photo.
2008-12-10 19:41:30
farhad pics are soooo damn BORING! You don't even need to see his name under the pics! boring = farhad
2008-12-10 19:40:56
Sozan thank you. Please do not insult to anyone.
2008-12-10 19:30:58
Hello Dear Farhad thanks for your Beautiful photos ------ OK = crazy
2008-12-10 19:01:49
Hey loser! With how many boring pics you'll spam this site today? Again 30 or 40? About 6 hours like last time? (And don't forget to vote for yourself again!!!!)