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2009-11-18 13:26:57
Donjon (the Keep) of the Chateau de Vincennes (suburb of Paris) The keep (completed in 1370). At 50 metres ( the tallest in the middle Ages), was an architectural feat.. A symbol of the modern State. The building affirms the power of the monarchy. It guards the capital, whilst at the same time protecting the kings against uprisings. It was at the heart of the French monarchy until 1682, when Louis XIV opted to settle in Versailles. The keep was used as a prison from the 16th up to the 19th century: Fouquet, the Marquis de Sade, and Mirabeau were held here. Under Napoleon I it was transformed into a barracks and arsenal, and the fortress protected Paris during invasions in the 19th century. A place of national remembrance. Vincennes castle was restored after suffering extensive damage in the Second World War, and the historical services of the three French armed forces are now conducted here