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Old Comments:

2009-11-04 14:12:31
Jujuba is right - history is all envelopes you. They have incredibly beautiful cities - Paris, Prague, Rome, Barcelona...on and on. We do have some nice modern buildings, but they still don't have much character. But, I could not live in Europe all the time. I need the wilderness, the wide-open space, and know that the 'great white north' is just above me.
2009-11-04 09:20:08
I have been to europe but just England and Scotland, I'm still working on going to italy, but I agree with you we have the the wilderness, nature, and maybe the more modern architecture, and city life, and they have more of the history, old buildings, and beautiful towns and villages. jujuba, said something I really liked, she said "you can breathe the history in europe"
2009-11-04 08:59:07
One of my cousins lives in that part of France. So, I got to see this chateau plus others in the Loire Valley....about 30 years ago. I also hope you see France someday; it's lovely, but then most of Europe is lovely. Europe is quite different than North America. We have the wilderness, nature; they have history and beautiful old buildings.
2009-11-04 08:37:43
You're on a roll! what a beautiful looking castle, I hope I end up in france someday :)