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Old Comments:

2008-04-26 19:57:17
Go visit a slaughter house, then stop eating all meat, poultry and seafood. Do not use anything with leather. stop using or wearing clothes with dyes. If your diabetic; throw away your insulin. As a matter of fact, stop utilizing just about all medical advances. Stop driving your car, you'll save thousands of insects from imminent death. If you have children, don't vaccinate them; most vaccines are cultured in chicken eggs. Only eat organic food; pesticides kill millions of insects, as well as those critters that eat insects. Go protest the sale of mousetraps and rat poison at your local store. Rat poison inhibits vitamin K; a key component in the coagulation cascade, they bleed to death from every orifice. Go.....Don't be a hypocrite.
2008-04-21 22:39:51
hahahahaha nice one
2008-04-20 23:56:54
cruel! impressive shot though
2008-04-19 14:05:38
Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.
2008-04-19 04:49:11
Well, here in the mid-west we have dogs specificly trained to do this. Nothing good can possibly become of this scene, sorry Philip
2008-04-19 02:32:30
Yes, because dogs chasing rabbits doesn't occur in nature.
2008-04-19 01:58:17
don't cry Philip, the bunny almost always gets away--that's the point of the sport.
2008-04-19 00:08:25
I am totally opposed to such savagery that some call sport!
2008-04-18 23:07:16