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Posted By:observer

Old Comments:

2009-03-20 11:51:17
That is such a great, wonderful photo. But I won't be posting it to my personal blog because I don't want to see the "picture has expired" message.
2009-03-20 01:53:50
Farley Mowat Canadiana
2009-03-19 23:56:10
When Farley Mowat was doing the field research in the Canadian Arctic on which he based his wonderful "Never Cry Wolf" he decided to see how well he could sustain himself on the food the wolves ate, which was mainly mice. So he began trapping mice, skinning and dressing and cooking them. But then he realized that was not the same diet as the wolves ate, so he resolved, in the interest of science, to eat the mice whole, so he began pickling them in lab alcohol and eating them guts, hair, bones and all. One day he was visited by some Indians, a young fellow and an old man. When he told them what he ate the old Indian said "Good idea."
2009-03-19 23:05:47
I prefer my rodent meals.........