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Old Comments:

2009-11-04 11:48:10
Thatīs ok, Iīll have to stock up too, these were the only ones I had ;-)
2009-11-04 11:28:35
Great, but I have to stock up on cows now, these pics are fun, like a beauty pagent for cows! I've always thought they were cute, with those expressive cow eyes :)
2009-11-04 11:15:07
Yeah Skip, if it isnīt nude, reflection or cute animals (like Patito says) it gets downvoted :P Anyways, no I donīt have more phots of those cows :-( Came through these ones from Vevey and found it so interesting... And sure, we can have a cow race whenever you guys want :P
2009-11-04 11:09:48
I thought perhaps you had more, and were doing a series, so I stopped posting, but I couldn't resist commenting on the downvotes because I saw alot of it here today, maybe we can have another race later in the week? we could do cows! :)
2009-11-04 10:51:29
these are really cute jujuba, I undid the minuses and then someone gave you more votes it's really a jungle here :)