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Old Comments:

2011-06-18 02:43:40
No, I was not born there, but my mother was - in a small village in the departement du Morbihan. I was in Brittany in 2009. It was a very emotional time to see the house she was born in (those houses are all made of stone so last forever), the church she was baptised in. I took copies of the different Actes (birth, marriage, death). I'm going back next summer. The people and the seafood/cider/crepes - fabulous! Where were your parents born? Do you speak/write where?
2011-06-17 20:47:37
I was searching for pictures of Brittany and saw this one. My parents are from Britanny. Were you born there?
2010-09-03 08:41:08
The rock looks like a foot of a giant. Good pic, Connie.
2010-09-03 06:50:04
My cousins tells me that it's a very very old chapel...and I don't think Britanny is an earthquake zone ;-) Like with a lot of my photos, I forgot to write where the chapel was exactly. It's in the Morbihan region of Britanny, but that's all I remember.
2010-09-03 06:47:26
Nice postings today connie, But this one I simply love, however; I do hope that large rock stays in its place..